Welcome to the Spatial Data Infrastructure and presentation of outcomes of Carbiocial

This page allows the user to explore the spatial data used and produced for the BR 163-region in Brazil in the frame of the transdisciplinary and international research project Carbiocial. You can find:

  • A literature database provides access to scientific results
  • Mapas inteligentes: Interactive layers are presented here to
  • Specific findings of the subprojects with short description, accessibility and contact persons
  • Project Geodate Collaboration Metadata SDI


  • SP01: Soil Degradation & Catchment Hydrology
  • SP02: Green House Gas Modelling
  • SP03: Erosion Modelling
  • SP04: Soil Organic Matter Turnover
  • SP06: Experimental Farming & Decomposers
  • SP08: Socio-Economic Drivers
  • SP09: Geodata Management and Land Cover Change
  • SP10: Climate Modelling
  • SP11: Landuse Modelling
  • SP12: Agro-Economic Modelling
  • SP13: Crop Modelling
  • SP14: Social Transformation
  • SP Z: Project Management

Carbon-optimized land management strategies for southern Amazonia

The Carbiocial project, in close cooperation with its Brazilian partner project Carbioma, is investigating viable carbon-optimized land management strategies maintaining ecosystem services under changing climate conditions in the Southern Amazon. These are utterly needed to meet the goals set by Brazilian National plans (e.g. ABC-program) and international treaties such as REDD and the Kyoto protocol.

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