Experimental Organic Matter Enrichment of Tropical Agricultural Soil in the Brazilian Cerrado


In the framework of the CarBioCial Project, we have performed two on-farm experiments (at Rio Engano and the São Valentim Farms, municipality of Campo Verde and Sinop, respectively) to enrich tropical agricultural soil (Ferrasol) with different types and amounts of organic matter (OM) (fig1). In 2012 we carried out the OM additions, in February in Campo Verde and in September in Sinop. Treatments were applied to different plot sizes, one contained within another, having 3 repetitions per treatment. In 2013, 2014 and 2015, we sampled soil, in Campo Verde, in February and in Sinop in October, November and September, respectively. Biomass samplings were also accomplished. We assessed the effect of OM addition on soil organic C and other nutrients (N, P, K), soil density and crop (soy and corn biomass and grain) production, after one, two and three years of a single application. The applied OMs are either cost-efficient or waste materials from nearby industrial suppliers. We aim to identify a feasible combination of types, amounts and disposition methods of OM to improve efficiently soil quality and/or crop production in the Brazilian Cerrado agroscape.


Luisa F. Vega, Matthias Wantzen, Malte Unger, Ulrich Irmler

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